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Which EMV Solution is Right for You? (Part 2)


In this two-part series, our goal is to help you navigate the country’s transition to EMV technology by giving you an overview of our preferred EMV options.

If you’d like to review the basics of EMV or learn more about the added security benefits of chip and pin technology, we invite you to explore some of our older articles.

Ingenico iCT 250: Small but Mighty Ingenico iCT250

The Ingenico iCT250 is both EMV and NFC capable, but it’s a smaller, lighter weight terminal. It still has the same robust capabilities of the larger terminals, and is able to support multiple applications like gift cards.  It’s great for any environment.

– Lisa Velasquez, Atlantic Merchant Services Operations Manager

Why We Like It

  • It complies with the strictest security standards, keeping you and your customers safe from fraud.
  • With an array of communication capabilities – including high speed modem, Ethernet, GPRS, and 3G – you’re able to set up shop anywhere.
  • Its small, lightweight design saves valuable counter space and offers unmatched portability.
  • Capable of processing at the highest speeds, it delivers fast, secure electronic payment transactions and saves time on both sides of the counter.
  • Equipped with the latest technology, it lets your customers use their preferred payment methods – whether that’s pin & chip, magstripe, contactless, or mobile NFC.
  • It features a large, backlit keypad and crisp LCD color display, making PIN entry and option selection virtually effortless.
  • Customizable colors and screen saver personalization enables you to promote your brand.

Want to Know More?

Download the Ingenico iCT250 Fact Sheet

What’s Next?

We’re pleased to offer the iCT250 at a deeply discounted rate. Call your sales representative today at 877-947-1800 to take the next step.