Which EMV Solution is Right for You?

We’ve talked about the security benefits that EMV technology offers, as well as the shift in liability you could assume by not adopting EMV.

Now, in this two-part series, we’d like to tell you a little more about our two favorite EMV product options to help you make the best decision for your business and your customers.

VeriFone VX 520: Fast, Reliable, and Secure VeriFone VX520

The Verifone VX 520 is EMV and NFC ready, and is a great all around terminal.   It’s attractive, easy to use, and has the flexibility and capacity to handle any environment, as well as gift cards and multiple merchant IDs.

– Lisa Velasquez, Atlantic Merchant Services Operations Manager

Why We Like It

  • It adheres to the highest security standards – including EMV – to maximize fraud protection.
  • Incorporating built-in Near Field Communication technology, it allows you to accept the latest alternative payment methods.
  • With the industry’s fastest processor, it handles encryption, decryption, and processing almost instantaneously.
  • A full range of connectivity options – from dial to Ethernet to GPRS – gives you the flexibility to do business anywhere.
  • Its small footprint and back communication panel keep cords under control and countertops uncluttered.
  • The durable interface is built to handle over one-million transactions.

Want to Know More?

Download the VeriFone VX520 Fact Sheet

Or watch this quick video overview:

What’s Next?

We’re offering the VX 520 at well below whole sale cost, so call your sales representative today at 877-947-1800 to find out more.